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Friday, April 07, 2006


Tomahawk Desktop is a mutimedia centric Linux operating system for desktop systems and laptop systems.

It features Intel Centrino wireless technology, Zeroconf, High-Definition audio and video playback, VoIP, Bluetooth, Firewire, iPod access and Podcasts. Complete suite of latest software also included for home and corporate use featuring KDE 3.5.1, Firefox 1.5, Openoffice 2.0, etc.

Tomahawk Desktop is compatible with wide-screen monitors and flat panels with aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9 in addition to popular 5:4 and 4:3.

Other features of Tomahawk Desktop are, resistant to Pharming, fast Internet access, remote serviceability, no mounting and unmounting hassle for accessing Thumb drives, Digital cameras, Audio players, etc.

Tomahawk Desktop features a package user based simple yet very effective package management system.

Tomahawk Desktop comes in three versions. Tomahawk Desktop Standard is for Home and Corporate use, Tomahawk Desktop Lite is a multimedia stripped down version exclusively for corporate use and Tomahawk Desktop Professional is for high-end audio/video creation, graphic design and publishing.

Tomahawk Desktop is not based on any other distro, the core operating system is developed by us, thereby maintaining our ability to continually research and value-add the operating system.

We highlight following with Tomahawk Desktop:
  1. Using Unix or any of its variants alone will not protect users from viruses, worms and other attacks. You need to properly deploy the defenses.
  2. Users are simply helpless against Pharming. It's the OS that can protect the user.
  3. You don't need fancy package management systems. Unix native tools alone are sufficient to get a package management system that you can depend on.


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